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05 Feb 14

Photo Set

23 Jan 13

How cute is my @LoveMelle <3

  • Me: boo yes I'll be home soon, arghhh I don't want to face the cold
  • Melle: BUT I'm here haha I'll wear yellow and be your sun
17 Jan 13
  • Cj: baby this is a hip hop event there will be no Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber
  • Me: I can be hip hop too ya bish!!!
13 Nov 12

In the car R Kelly - "Hotel" on the radio

  • (really confused)
  • Mum: why should I go to his hotel?
27 Sep 12
  • Me: mum did you see what I bought ate for her birthday?
  • Mum: but daddy already made her pancit?
  • My parents were actually made for each other -__-
27 Sep 12

In Westfield

  • Me: I need to find ate a birthday present
  • Pops: but we already cooked her pancit?
  • I think you can imagine what kind of gifts he buys me -___-
25 Sep 12

RIP Aaliyah

&#8220;R.I.P Aliyah, R.I.P, yep, that&#8217;s exactly what it sounds like, A to the A to the L-I-Y-A-H&#8221;
25 Aug 12

My 4 year old ina anak

  • Janiel: where's uncle?
  • Me: gone home to sleep in his own bed
  • Janiel: but are you mummy & daddy
  • Me: a little bit
  • Janiel: so where's your baby
  • Bless her little heart!!!
23 Aug 12

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Solomon 4:7)
14 May 12
14 May 12
14 May 12
01 Mar 12

Photo Set

01 Mar 12
A girls best accessory is her smile
11 Jan 12
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